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Winter Refrigeration provides an engineered solution to our customers fully designed according to market requirements to satisfy our customers demands.

Winter Refrigeration will be one of the leading manufacturers of API engineered packages, chillers, oil and gas packages, food industry packages etc.

Our transformational growth year after year is rooted in our core values of trust, integrity, honesty, creativity, excellence, professionalism and fostering partnership.


WINTER REFRIGERATION INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING LLC produces world-class design, fabrication, and industrial refrigeration packages throughout the world.

For more than 38+ years WINTER has been providing sophisticated solutions in the field of refrigeration, process refrigeration technology, and process gas handling. Furthermore, WINTER is representing the leading international brands of the Oil & Gas Industry and Refrigeration Industry, which are being used in our design and our installations.

Within the industrial refrigeration field, we are specialized in NH3 and CO2 refrigeration plants and we can show wide experience in this field over many decades. Especially the natural refrigerants with zero ODP and GWP captures an important part in consideration of environmental protection. Additionally, with extended equipment such as heat exchanger/pump vessels, etc., we supply complete refrigeration packages and chillers. More information can be found under the section “PRODUCTS” on our website.

WINTER is a global engineering company that provides a wide range of industrial products and services, including API compressor packages for the oil and gas industry. WINTER offers a range of API compressor packages from the well-known brand HOWDEN that are designed and built in accordance with API standards for use in various applications, including gas transmission, gas lift, gas injection, and natural gas processing.  We are working closely with the well-known compressor manufacturers HOWDEN, MAN, MYCOM, SIAD, and LMF.


As the official packager of HOWDEN Compressors in the Middle East we design and manufacture screw compressor skids in variable sizes in our own manufacturing facilities.

Howden API compressor packages feature advanced technologies and designs that are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and safety. These compressor packages are typically customized to meet the specific needs of a particular application, with options for various gas types, flow rates, and pressures.

We welcome you to explore the endless opportunities of working with us and experience outstanding results.

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