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As a specialist in the manufacturing of refrigeration equipment, we can serve our clients with large-size heat pumps as well. While designing the heat pumps with the refrigerant ammonia (R717) with its zero ODP and GDP, WINTER provide a highly efficient, reliable, and sustainable solution for your heat pump system. Besides ammonia, WINTER can certainly provide heat pumps with all other common refrigerants according to the client’s request.  All of the WINTER packages are designed according to the international standards APIASME, PED, AD 2000, GOST, etc

Our packages are manufactured and assembled in our own WINTER workshop facilitated with industrial standards, which guarantees the best quality of the client’s package. In combination with our engineering, design, and manufacturing we are ensuring to hold the entire process in our hands.

Heat Pumps

  • WINTER Refrigeration Industrial Equipment Manufacturing L.L.C. is known to provide smart and sophisticated solutions for industrial refrigeration applications. We, as a packager of refrigeration units with decades of experience, have the customer always in our focus. The satisfaction of the customer is our daily aim. A flexible and dynamic principle of operation for WINTER is self-evidence and we always guarantee a high-quality product out of our facility.
  • A heat pump refrigeration package is a type of refrigeration system that uses a heat pump to transfer heat from one location to another for cooling or heating purposes. Heat pump refrigeration packages can be used for various applications, including residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration for food and beverage storage, and industrial cooling.
  • In a heat pump refrigeration package, the heat pump works by transferring heat from a source, such as the air or water, to a refrigerant, which then moves through the system to provide cooling or heating. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the source, and then the heat is released at a different location through a heat exchanger.
  • WINTER Heat pump refrigeration packages are designed to be energy-efficient and can provide both cooling and heating capabilities, making them a versatile and cost-effective option for various applications. They can be designed to meet specific cooling or heating requirements, such as for refrigeration storage, and can be customized with various components, such as compressors, evaporators, and condensers, to meet the specific needs of the application.
  • The WINTER Heat Pump is one of our products and the main components for this package are from well-established international brands in the refrigeration industry. The utilized compressors are the markets leading equipment providing secure performances. We are able to offer a wide range of compressor models with comprehensive cooling capacity. In combination with our engineering, design, and manufacturing we are ensuring to hold the entire process in our hands.
  • Heat pump refrigeration packages can also be designed to use renewable energy sources, such as solar or geothermal energy, to power the heat pump, making them an even more sustainable option for cooling and heating applications. The use of heat pump refrigeration packages can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making them an environmentally friendly choice for refrigeration and cooling needs.


  1. Water flow is based on Water INLET at 30°C and Water OUTLET at 71°C.
  2. Heat source coming from ammonia refrigeration system with the saturated condensing condition of 25°C.
  3. Numbers are subject to change without notice.
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