WINTER, as a specialist for ammonia (NH3) refrigeration, is the appropriate and reliable partner for the design and execution for a state of the art District Cooling Plant, operated with the highly efficient and environmental friendly refrigerant NH3 (R717). While choosing the WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller, our clients fulfill their contribution to save the environment for future generations since NH3 is a refrigerant with zero ODP and zero GWP. Due to the high efficient design, our District Cooling NH3-Chiller solution operates with a much lower power consumption compared to the current District Cooling Technology. The WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller complies with all important international codes and standards like ASME, TEMA, etc.. Thanks to the compact and modular design of the WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller, the footprint can be minimized. Each District Cooling Plant can be built with multiple modules according to the desired plant capacity. With the additional installation of a thermal storage (TES Tank) or a thermal ice storage, the efficiency of the District Cooling Plant can be increased significant and the size of the required WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller can be reduced drastically. Making the decision for the WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller will give a vast number of advantages for the District Cooling Plant operation.

The WINTER District Cooling NH3-Chiller can be executed with different types of condensers:

  • Water-Cooled Condenser and Cooling Tower
  • Sea-Water Cooled Condenser
  • Evaporative Condenser
  • Air-Cooled Condenser

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