Industrial refrigeration

WINTER-designed industrial refrigeration plant can minimize the installation time and cost within the plant room on site. All equipment is installed on one base frame and the refrigerant can be pumped from the package to the desired areas, wherever it will be required within the refrigeration plant. The packages can be equipped with a power panel as well so that only the power connection is remaining on site. While using natural refrigerants, such as NH3 and CO2, the WINTER Refrigeration Packages are highly efficient and sustainable. Since NH3 has zero ODP and zero GWP (CO2: ODP=0; GWP=1 only) the WINTER Chiller contributes to a green footprint of our client’s project. All of the WINTER packages are designed according to the international standards APIASME, PED, AD 2000, GOST, etc

Industrial Refrigeration Plant

An industrial refrigeration plant is a large-scale system designed to provide cooling or freezing for industrial processes or products. The system typically consists of several components, including compressors, condensers, evaporators, refrigerant piping, and control systems. Industrial refrigeration plants are used in a wide range of applications, including food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and many others. They are often customized to meet the specific needs of the industry or process and can be designed to provide cooling or freezing to a single process or to multiple processes simultaneously.

Components of an industrial refrigeration plant:

  • Compressors: These are responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas and raising its temperature and pressure, which then circulates through the rest of the system.
  • Evaporators: These are heat exchangers that absorb heat from the surroundings by vaporizing the refrigerant.
  • Condensers: These are heat exchangers that remove heat from the refrigerant by condensing it back into a liquid state.
  • Refrigerant piping: This is the network of pipes that connect the various components of the system and circulate the refrigerant.
  • Control systems: These are the electrical and mechanical systems that control the operation of the refrigeration plant and ensure that it operates safely and efficiently.

Types of refrigerants used in industrial refrigeration plants:

  • Ammonia: A commonly used refrigerant in industrial refrigeration due to its high efficiency and low cost. However, it is also toxic and requires special safety precautions.
  • HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons): These refrigerants are used as alternatives to ozone-depleting refrigerants like CFCs and HCFCs. They have low toxicity but are still associated with environmental concerns due to their high global warming potential.
  • CO2: A natural refrigerant with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency, but it requires high operating pressures and special equipment.

Safety considerations in industrial refrigeration plants:

  • Refrigerant leaks can be hazardous to workers and the environment, so regular inspections and maintenance of the system are crucial.
  • The design and installation of the system must adhere to safety codes and regulations, including proper ventilation and fire safety measures.
  • Proper training and safety procedures must be in place for workers who operate and maintain the refrigeration plant.
  • Emergency response plans must be developed and regularly reviewed in case of accidents or leaks.

Maintenance and troubleshooting in industrial refrigeration plants:

    • WINTER designs easy maintenance for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of an industrial refrigeration plant. This can include checking and maintaining components like compressors, evaporators, and condensers, as well as monitoring refrigerant levels and ensuring proper system operation.
    • Troubleshooting issues in industrial refrigeration plants requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Common issues can include refrigerant leaks, component failure, and control system malfunctions.


  • Cold Storages
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Blast Freezer / Tunnel Freezer
  • Food Processing
  • Ice Cream Processing
  • Marine Refrigeration
  • Dairy Industry
  • Meat Factory
  • Fishing Industry
  • Vegetables
  • Process Cooling
  • Ice Rink


  • Standard Screw Compressor Package (HOWDEN WRV compressor)
  • Standard Screw Compressor Package (HOWDEN XRV compressor)
  • Pump Vessel Skids
  • Refrigerant Receiver
  • Refrigerant Pumps (hermetic type)
  • Thermal Ice Storage
  • Flake Ice Skid Package
Industrial refrigeration

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