WINTER is able to provide a large range of packages and products for the petrochemical sector. Thanks to our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing team we ensure to meet our clients standards and requirements. Our strength is the custom made design of our packages and products, considering the standards API, ASME, GOST, TEMA etc., which assure that our clients receive the highest standard for their demands.

Our packages are manufactured and assembled in the own WINTER workshop, which guarantees the best quality of the client’s package. WINTER closely accompanies its clients, beginning from the first contact and further through the engineering, installation, commissioning and operation phase. Beyond that, WINTER provides lifetime support for all the customers around the globe.


  • Refrigeration for Natural Gas Processing
  • Process Gas Handling
  • Dew Point Control
  • Hydrocarbon-Mix Compression and Liquefaction
  • Utility Cooling via Chilled Water or Chilled Glycol
  • Process Cooling
  • Gas Sweetening
  • Recycle Gas Handling
  • Gas Liquefaction
  • Boil-Off Gas Recovery Package
  • LPG Gas Compression
  • Chemical Reaction Control
  • Flare Gas Recovery
  • Gas Gathering
  • Gas Lifting
  • Small Scale LNG Plants


  • Propane Refrigeration Package
  • Propylene Refrigeration Package
  • Butane Refrigeration Package
  • R134a Refrigeration Package
  • Process Cooling Packages / Chiller Packages
  • Process Gas Package (LPG Compressor Package etc.)
  • API 619 Oil-Injected Screw Compressor Package
  • API 619 Oil-Free Screw Compressor Package
  • API 618 Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressor Package
  • API 676 Oil Pump (Triple-Screw Type)
  • Gas Coolers (Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled)
  • Separators / Suction KO Drum
  • Condensing Packages (e.g. for Liquefaction Plants)

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