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Service / Compressor Overhauling

We provide all our client’s strong technical support for any service activity or any overhauling requirement for our machinery and skids for the complete lifetime. Our service technician will be available within the shortest period in order to support the customer directly on-site. Compressor overhauling can be also done within our workshop facilities in Dubai, UAE. All of the WINTER packages are designed according to the international standards APIASME, PED, AD 2000, GOST, etc

Our packages are manufactured and assembled in our own WINTER workshop facilitated with industrial standards, which guarantees the best quality of the client’s package. WINTER closely accompanies its clients, beginning from the first contact and further through the engineering, installation, commissioning, and operation phase.

Service / Compressor Overhauling

Compressor overhauling is the process of disassembling and inspecting a compressor in order to repair, replace or upgrade worn or damaged parts. The overhauling process involves a thorough inspection of the compressor, replacement of damaged or worn parts, and reassembly and testing of the compressor to ensure it is functioning properly.

The following are the general steps involved in compressor overhauling:

  1. Initial inspection – The compressor is inspected for any signs of wear, damage, or other issues that may require repair or replacement.
  2. Disassembly – The compressor is disassembled into its individual components, such as the crankshaft, pistons, valves, and bearings.
  3. Cleaning – Each component is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris or contaminants.
  4. Inspection and measurement – Each component is inspected for wear and damage and is measured to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s tolerances.
  5. Replacement of worn or damaged parts – Any components that are found to be worn or damaged beyond repair are replaced with new parts.
  6. Reassembly – The compressor is reassembled using the new or repaired components.
  7. Testing – The reassembled compressor is tested to ensure it is functioning properly.
  8. Painting and labeling – The compressor is painted and labeled to identify any upgrades or modifications that were made during the overhauling process.

Compressor overhauling is a critical maintenance activity that can extend the life of a compressor and improve its efficiency and reliability. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications when overhauling a compressor and to use high-quality replacement parts to ensure the compressor is functioning at its best. Regular maintenance and overhauling of compressors can present breakdowns, reduce energy costs, and ensure the efficient operation of industrial refrigeration systems.

  1. Frequency of overhauling: The frequency of compressor overhauling depends on several factors, including the type of compressor, its usage, and the operating conditions. However, as a general rule, compressors should be overhauled at least once every 3-5 years, or more frequently if there are signs of wear or damage.
  2. Components that are typically replaced: During compressor overhauling, some of the components that are typically replaced include piston rings, gaskets, bearings, valves, and seals. These components can wear down over time due to the constant friction and heat generated during the compressor’s operation.
  3. Benefits of compressor overhauling: Compressor overhauling has several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved reliability, and longer service life. It can also help prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs over the long term.
  4. Importance of professional service: Compressor overhauling is a complex and technical process that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. It is important to have the compressor overhauled by a qualified professional with experience in industrial refrigeration systems to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely.
  5. Cost considerations: The cost of compressor overhauling can vary depending on the size and complexity of the compressor, the extent of the repairs needed, and the cost of replacement parts. However, the cost of overhauling a compressor is generally lower than the cost of replacing it with a new one. Regular maintenance and overhauling can also help avoid costly breakdowns and repairs in the future.


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