Oil & Gas Spare Parts


WINTER supply a wide range of spare parts for the Oil & Gas Industry as well. The product portfolio comprises spare parts for compressors (screw compressors and reciprocating compressors), heat exchangers, valves, oil pumps, oil filters, and auxiliary equipment for this specific industry. All of the WINTER packages are designed according to the international standards APIASME, PED, AD 2000, GOST, etc

The design and implementation of refrigeration systems for the oil and gas industry require specialized knowledge and expertise in refrigeration engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. The systems must be designed to meet specific requirements for cooling capacity, energy efficiency, reliability, and safety.

It typically includes spare parts for the compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, and other components necessary to create a refrigeration cycle. The package is often designed and built to meet the specific cooling requirements of a particular industrial process.

Oil and Gas Refrigeration Spare Parts

Oil and gas refrigeration systems typically use specialized spare parts that are designed to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions of the oil and gas industry. Some common spare parts used in oil and gas refrigeration systems include:

  1. Compressor parts: These parts include valves, pistons, and cylinders, which are essential for compressing and moving refrigerant through the system.
  2. Heat exchanger parts: These parts include tubes, headers, and fins, which are used to transfer heat between the refrigerant and the surrounding environment.
  3. Control valves: These valves regulate the flow of refrigerant through the system and help maintain the desired temperature and pressure.
  4. Electrical components: These include motors, relays, and capacitors, which are necessary for operating the system.
  5. Expansion devices: These devices control the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator, allowing it to expand and cool the surrounding environment.

When selecting spare parts for an oil and gas refrigeration system, it’s important to choose high-quality, durable components that are specifically designed for use in these demanding environments. It’s also important to ensure that the spare parts are compatible with the existing system and are installed and maintained properly to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

The components of an industrial refrigeration package are typically assembled on a skid or platform for ease of installation and maintenance. They can be powered by electricity or other sources of energy, such as natural gas or propane. Some packages also include automation and control systems to monitor and adjust the cooling process.

Designing and building an industrial refrigeration package requires specialized knowledge and expertise in refrigeration engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The package must be carefully designed and optimized for the specific industrial process it will be used for, taking into account factors such as the required cooling capacity, temperature range, and energy efficiency.

The oil and gas refrigeration industry refers to the use of refrigeration systems in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including natural gas processing, liquefied natural gas (LNG) production, and crude oil refining. These refrigeration systems are designed to cool process streams and remove impurities such as water, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants.


  • Standard Screw Compressor Packages
  • Industrial Water-Chiller / Water-Glycol-Chiller
  • Industrial Refrigeration Package (Pumped System)
  • Cascade Refrigeration System (NH3/CO2)
  • Hybrid Refrigeration System (NH3/CO2 Liquefaction)
  • Twin-Compressor Refrigeration Package
  • Industrial Condensing Units
  • Standard Reciprocating Compressor Package
  • Retrofitted Screw Compressor Packages

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