Even within the Power & Energy Industry, the WINTER products and packages are useful and in operation since a long period. Once the existing turbine becomes short in capacity during the peak of summer, the WINTER TIAC-Chiller (Turbine Inlet Air Cooling) will provide the suitable solution in order to cool down the inlet air of the turbine and therefore increasing the turbine power output. Such WINTER TIAC-Chiller can be designed with ammonia (R717) as well as with all other refrigerants according to the clients requirement. A special WINTER-designed software ensures a very detailed result for the required cooling period in order to determine the optimized WINTER TIAC-Chiller capacity. With the additional installation of a thermal storage (TES Tank) or a thermal ice storage, the efficiency of the WINTER TIAC-Chiller can be increased significant and the size of the required WINTER TIAC-Chiller can be reduced drastically.


  • Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Chiller (TIAC-Chiller)
  • Thermal Storage Tank (TES Tank)
  • Thermal Ice Storage

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