Food & Beverage Industry

WINTER as a specialist for ammonia (NH3) refrigeration systems has a wide range of the various refrigeration system solutions within its product portfolio. WINTER’s strength is the custom made design of the packages and products (complying with international standards PED, ASME, AD 2000, GOST, etc.) which assure that our clients receive the highest level of customized products for their demands. Ammonia (R717), with its zero ODP and zero GWP, is currently the best choice when our clients look for a highly efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for a food & beverage refrigeration system.

Besides ammonia, WINTER can certainly provide the complete range of products and packages for food & beverage refrigeration with all other common refrigerants like R134a, R404a, R407a, R410a, R507a, R744 (CO2), Propane (R290) and Propylene (R1290). Other refrigerants can be applied as well upon customer request.

The commonly used refrigerants for the refrigeration packages are R134a, Propane (R290), Propylene (R1270) and Butane/Iso-Butane.



WINTER can provide the following products and packages for the food & beverage / agro food industry:

      • Standard Screw Compressor Package
      • Industrial Water-Chiller / Water-Glycol-Chiller
      • Industrial Refrigeration Package (Pumped System)
      • Twin-Compressor Refrigeration Package
      • Standard Reciprocating Compressor Package Package
      • Retrofitted Screw Compressor Packages


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