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Chiller Package | XRV 204 Series

Package: XRV-204

Category: Refrigeration Package

WINTER Air Conditioning & Refrigeration L.L.C. is known to provide smart and sophisticated solutions for industrial refrigeration applications. We, as a packager for refrigeration units with more than 30 years of experience, have the customer always in our focus. The satisfaction of the customer is our daily aim.

Chiller Package Chiller Package
Chiller Package Chiller Package
  • Overview

    The highly efficient WINTER ChillerPack is designed for reliable and long lasting operation while considering an easy installation and less service. Using the smallest possible footprint of the unit helps reducing shipping costs as well as space requirements for the installation. The international codes (ASME, PED, etc.) have also been applied for designing these units.

  • Detailed Specification

  • Aftersales support services

    With our dedicated service team, WINTER offers aftersales support service for their customers to provide the best possible solution at the time required. The following are examples of our services

    • Supplying original spare parts
    • Overhauling and repairs
    • On-Site services
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Commissioning
    • Training
    • Troubleshooting etc.
  • Notes:

    • Tables based on Ammonia (R717); Other refrigerant on request; Oil cooling applicable with water or thermosyphon.
    • Condensing temperature = 35°C; TE = Evaporation Temperature.
    • Capacities without considering an economizer; Superheat 2K; Subcooling 5K.