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Oil and Gas Refrigeration Package

Winter Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration designs, engineers & manufactures refrigerant and gas compressor packages all around the globe. Winter offers high range of oil and gas refrigeration package.

Package: Oil and Refrigeration Package

Industry: Oil & Gas

Delivering Turn-key projects for industries like the oil and gas, petrochemical, etc. is one of our core business competency. Dealing with the latest technology and also critical appliances, WINTER ensures stringent quality & safety. Environmental standards are implemented in addition to demanding operational, relaiablity and efficiency criteria.

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  • Overview

    Every unit is built with high engineering knowledge. We design special packages according to API for the Oil & Gas Industry or the Process Industry.

  • Detailed Specification

  • Aftersales support services

    With our dedicated service team, WINTER offers aftersales support service for their customers to provide the best possible solution at the time required. The following are examples of our services

    • Supplying original spare parts
    • Overhauling and repairs
    • On-Site services
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Commissioning
    • Training
    • Troubleshooting etc.
  • Notes:

    • Tables based on Ammonia (R717); Other refrigerant on request; Oil cooling applicable with water or thermosyphon.
    • Condensing temperature = 35°C; TE = Evaporation Temperature.
    • Capacities without considering an economizer; Superheat 2K; Subcooling 5K.